Sunday, 9 October 2011

You have mail

The last few days have been pretty exciting for me. Last weekend i found out i was selected to be a test runner for Brooks, as a Meseneger of Run Happy. The excitment increased even further when brooks let us know that the first test packets were already underway. Its certainly helped me ignore not being able to run due to a cold this week.

So Friday morning the packet arrived, and well, to say that i was a bit overwealmed with its contents would be an understatement.

So in the next few weeks and months i will be testing the following, keep an eye out for my first impressions, full reports, and follow ups.

Brooks Glycerin 9 Shoes
Brooks PureConnect Shoes
Brite Green Essential Run Jacket
Brite Green Versatile Long Sleeve Shirt
Black Rogue Runner III Shorts
Black Infiniti Tights
Black HVAC Synergy Short Sleeve Shirt
Black Seamless HeadBand
Infiniti Low Quarter Socks.

If there is anything anyone specifically wants me to look at let me know.


  1. The PureConnect looks like a fast shoe. Could you see if it will do a sub 60 minute 10 miler ;)

  2. Ok, I will put it to the test.... 10 miles sub 60...