Thursday, 13 October 2011

Review: Brooks Seamless Headband - A little Revelation

I have to admit that I almost certainly would not have purchased a headband myself. But thanks to Brooks and the Messengers of RunHappy Program I had the opportunity to try out the Brooks Seamless Headband that came in my test package.

I always associated headbands with John McEnroe or 80’s fashion mistakes. Olivia Newton John couldn’t convince me to wear one back then so I was likely to remain headband free the rest of my days. But then the Brooks Test Package arrived, with a headband! I felt obliged to at least try it out sometime, sometime preferable when it was dark, very dark.

Tuesday morning I woke to drizzle and strong gusty winds, but that’s not going to put me off a run. At 6:00am in a German autumn it’s pretty dark, the perfect opportunity to test the headband. I figured no-one would be able to recognize me so it was now or never. I ventured out onto the streets, I started my run, and something amazing happened…. I fell in love.

Who would have known… The Brooks Seamless Headband kept my ears, prone to feeling a bit cold, nice and toasty. My head didn’t over heat as it would have if id worn a hat. As an added bonus the headband made a really nice comfortable base for my headlamp to sit on.

I was so impressed that the next day I decided to wear it during daylight … in public… where people could see me. Nobody screamed. Nobody fell on the floor laughing. The 80’s police didn’t turn up. I was able to go for a great run with nice warm ears, and without feeling like my head was being slow cooked.

I’m a changed man. The headband will be accompanying me on most of my runs from now until it gets so cold that a hat is actually required. I guess sometimes you really do just have to overcome the barriers that you put in the way of yourself.

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  1. I like this article, its very funny.

    Hey and like Will Smith in Men in Black said "I make this look good"

  2. Thanks Sebastian, I can tell you a year ago i would have laughed at you if you told me that i would be wearing a headband.