Monday, 24 October 2011

Reading Roundup

Once again a Summary of the highlights of my meanderings in Web rom the last few weeks.

First off i came across some uploads to Youtube from from Jason Karp, He is clearly a proponent of building a strong Aerobic base and some of the videos on his channel are well worth spend a few minutes to watch.

Then there was the albeit controversial Running Man Theory of Evolution, but hey who doesnt like a bit of David Attenborogh.. and from that to a more detailed description of the anatomical adaptions.

If youve ever thought about giving up during a race because things arnt going your way, then perhapes the following video can give you the inspiration to keep on.

Ive also recently switched to training in the mornings, and like many others i find my morning coffee essential to getting me off to a decent start... some reason why can be found in this post in the dailymile blog.

Ive posted before about how i try to base my training on Lydiard Principles, via some Dailymile friends i stumbled onto a post about how lydiard would have approached marathon preparation. And from there a few days later to an interesting and touching homily to the man.

Finally a proper warmup pre-run is something that im not alone in often neglecting. So here is a nice short one bassed on some dynamic stretches that you can do in your lounge before hitting the pavement, or for something a bit more intense these alternatives.

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