About Me

Hi, My name is Paul, I'm currently an M35 age group runner, in my spare time I persue a carrier in Software Development. Ill be trying to keep a (mostly honest) record of my running activities, thoughts, experiments, and mishaps. This page is a constant work in progress as I figure out just who I really am.

Up untill Aprill 2010 I had little history of running or sport in general, at most you could say I flirted with distance running a couple of times, once as a child, once in my early 30's.

In April 2010, I started to run again. First as a way to clear my head, to give me some time to think, and to burn off some of the anger and frustration I was feeling at the time. But then after a few months something happened, I started to enjoy the running just for runnings sake. I looked up and noticed that running around a local lake at sunrise with the mist rising off the water was magical. That the run in autumn evening with the low orange-red sun shining through the leaves made me feel really alive again. Yep I had me a few forrest gump moments. You can read more here. I continued to Jog, I entered a couple of local races, joined a running group, and was basically getting my life sorted out with the help of running.

2011 had a number of highlights for me. At the start of 2011 I started training for my first marathon. Id recently discovered the lydiard school of training and decided to apply it to myself with some success. It resulted in a debut marathon in Vienna of 3:22:46. It was also during that training that i started to see myself differently, I no longer considered myself a Jogger, I was a Runner. Later In the year I ran a BQ-5 at the M√ľnster Marathon, and applied and was accepted to run at Boston 2012.

I continue to set myself new goals in my running, there are lots of things id love to try, lots of opportunities to discover myself. Your more than welcome to watch and see how i go.