Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Messenger of Run Happy.

Unter allen Bewerbern gehörst Du zur neuen Testläufer-Generation, herzlichen Glückwunsch! Nach der Auswertung aller Bewerbungsbögen sind wir zu dem Entschluss gekommen, dass Du genau der Richtige bist, um unsere Produkte zu testen und darüber zu schreiben. Deshalb erhältst Du nun von uns den Status:
„Messenger of Run Happy“.

Ok, for those that dont read German what that means is that ive been selected to take part in the Brooks Test-Runner Program. My 'brief' is to give an open and honest review of various products that will be sent to me. As you can imagine Im pretty excited about this. Not only because it means that i will have the opportunity to try out some brand new products. But also because I can be reasonably certain that someone at Brooks will be paying attention to my feedback, If that means that in some small way i can contribute to a better product then thats pretty neat too.

At the moment I have to admit that i do feel a little like Tahi, 'one lucky kiwi'  .... although given it's a (true) story about a kiwi with one leg... im not entirely sure how far I'd like to take the comparision.

Im not really sure what's coming or when it will be here, which is all part of the excitment at the moment, but what ever does arrive will be put through its paces. I have quite a bit of running planned this month, and then come December Ill be starting the rampup for next year, for Boston, and my attack on the 3hr barrier.

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