Monday, 5 September 2011

Wow what an WM!

Do the WM in athletics has just finished in Daegu, South Korea. And wasnt it a cracker, Some major Surprises.

I guess the big one was the disqualification of Usain Bolt in the 100m final. I cant say i like the new 'No Tollerance' rule for flase starts. In my mind its pretty much means thatafter seeing what happened to Bolt no athlete is going to try for a WR at a big championship anymore, why risk it?... Which begs the question what was bolt thinking... if i had to hazard a guess, i think he wanted to destroy the field and win by a clear margin, showing off his new start in the process.... I guess his ego got the better of him this time...  is there a leason for us all in that.

We also had the disqualification of Dayron Roubles in the 110m hurdles that had his gold removed, i guess thats the rules but it does seem pretty harsh.

Then what about the mens 10,000m ... what a finish, with 250m to go it looked like it was all over and Mo Farrah had it all sewn up, but then at 150m the doubts crept in and then to get pulled back with 50m to go... Im sure most distance runners can identify with Farrah, your willing your legs to go faster but they just wont respond... and then someone pips you on the line with a faster close.

The mens 400m was also an edge of the seat affair. Kirani James just managed to pull back and pass Merritt in the last few meters.

The womens 10,000m and Marathon really just puts a big underline under the domination of distance running by the kenyan athletes. but to shut out the ethiopians completely in both, well that was really rubbing it in.

Unfortunately i havent caught as much of the second half of the WM as i hopped. Did see the young Geman Shot-Puter take gold, and a few of the relays but i missed the rest of the track events.

Still, You cant deny that it was yet again another great excitment filled WM with a good dash of contoversy thrown in for good measure. Now during my track workouts i have some more source material for my own day dreams.

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