Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Reading Roundup

Its been quite a while since ive done a reading roundup... mostly because well i havent actually been doing a lot of reading outside of the blogs already linked too on the left there...

But This week i have been spreading my wings again. Stefan at DailyMile posted me a link to the PredawnRunner blog when i mentioned that i may switch to training in the morning. Something to whet my appetite for getting up early and getting the miles in before breakfast, but ill write more on that in another post i think.

Ive also been reading some early reviews about the soon to be released brooks PureProject lineup. Im particular interested in these because ive been wanting to get into a shoe with a smaller heel to toe drop than regular shoes, especially after my experiences in the ronin (9mm drop). Saucony offers a bunch of shoes bassed around the success of their kinvara, but the sucony mold is too narrow in the toe box for me, so im hoping that the brooks shoes will be a better fit, especially since my brooks ghost's and GTS 10's have served me so well.

In the aftermath of my Münster Marathon ive also been doing a bit of investigation into what i should look too next, there really is too much good running weather left this year to take a break now, so Ive been looking at some trail races to provide a bit of variety and some interest before taking a break heading into winter.

Ah yes, my Muster Marathon race pack also held a nice little surprise, a re-release of a german book with 42 tips for marathon runners. A Really good book with the latest information on a number of things, in particular the advice to avoid over drinking, lines right up with some of the latest information and the discussion about shoes and advice to consider some barefoot work also caught my eye.

Finally the guys at Marathon Talk pointed their listeners towards a light hearted look at what not to do as a runner.

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