Friday, 23 September 2011

Training Haiku

Hypnos grip released. 
The miles beneath my feet
fallen leaves music.

Dailymiles dailymission today was to write a Haiku to describe todays training. Im kind of proud of what i came up with. Ok, so maybe its not that fantastic, probably not even a valid Haiku, but for someone that had to go look up what a haiku actually was in the first place its not too bad for my very first attempt.
Here are a selection of a couple of others that i thought were quite good.

A country road run
In early autumn's glory
Five miles of happy

thick clouds behind glass
the pool is dim and calm, now
another stroke.

I run, I escape
The crazy world fades away
My pace is my peace

Within the long run,
The burdens of man escape,
The mind is unchained.

Breathing fast and hard
Challenging hills to conquer
A sweet distraction

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