Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Escaping Taper Madness

So all the big training is done. And with just under a week to go Im well and truely into my taper, which can mean only one thing. Taper Madness!!!

Anyone thats tapered for a marathon or other big race will know what im talking about. the First symptoms for me was the discomfort during a run, Not quite an injury, but feeling like something is just off. Then come the phantom pains, the heavy tired legs. But i was sort of expecting all that as i went through pretty much the same thing leading up to Vienna. This time however i also was struck down by the phantom cold. Last Sunday afternoon instead of going for a long run i spent the afternoon wrapped up in a blanket and sleeping on the couch. Who knows perhapes it wasnt a phantom cold at all and my rapid response managed to kick it before it really set in... because by tuesday i was feeling right as rain again.

Im pretty pround of myself this time and during tapering havent (yet) given in to the urge to devour large quantities of anything sweet or carb packed.... although there were some mishaps in the weeks leading up to the start of the taper. Ill be starting to take on more carbs 4-5 days out, till then im maintaining my diet, which has me down to 79kg a BMI of 21 the lightest ive been since highschool. But perhapes still a little off an ideal race weight.

Last night i was tempted to run further than planned by staying with the group, but ignored the cajoling when i told them i was cutting the run short and heading home. It can be too easy to try and do too much in the last few weeks and end up arriving at the start line fatigued. Ill be doing a 10k tonight runnign through my start sequence again, an easy run on wednesday and then a short 5k at MP on friday. That should see me arrive at the starting line on sunday all rearing to go.

I have been struggling a little with some self doubt, Im really not sure wether ill be able to meet the goal i set myself on the day, But i know that it is at least achievable, Could i have done more preparation, perhapes, but then you can allways say you could have done more. but if your able to is another thing. and im pretty happy with what ive done. Regardless of whether i hit my goal ill still be doing my best on the day.

To help keep the Taper madness under control ive done a little bit of self examination, Ive looked over my runnign folder with my certificates and results in it, ive re-read my posts here. Ive though about my longer term goals. When i havent been doing that ive kept myself busy, catching up on the housework that was sort of neglected a little lately. Preparing my kit for race day, and yep even shoping for my post race treats.

So actually on the whole, I think I can say that ive escaped the worst of the Taper Madness this time. But ill stay on high alert through the rest of the week, just incase.

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