Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Tapering for Vienna

My first Marathon in Vienna is now just under 2 weeks away, which means Im already over a week into my taper, and luckily taper madness hasnt as yet set in.

My weekly millage over the last few weeks has been

5 weeks to race = 145Km/wk (+ 35Km recovery jogging)
4 weeks to race = 120Km/wk (+ 23Km recovery jogging)
3 weeks to race = 81Km/wk

So As you can see in the first week of taper ive really dialed back the millage, reducing back to about 65% of my previous weeks training volume. I dont consider the recovery jogs as part of my training volume. I have cut them out completely, partly to reduce the extra millage and partly because the change to summer time has meant that id have to start them in the dark at the moment anyway.

I am particular proud that i resisted the urge to enter a handy half marathon race that was available in the next village last weekend. I realise that i could have used it as a catered medium-long run, but I wasnt entirely certain that id be able to keep myself in check and really hold back on the pace and avoid 'racing' it.

Ive been finding it quite difficult not to push my training runs too hard now as well, I attribute this to being better rested, than during regular training. I also feel as though my Aerobic condition has also continued to improve from where it was mid march, which means that a lot of my Marathon pace running now see's me running with a heart rate that has been my regular training zone over the last few months.

Ive also noticed in my last run that my legs felt quite sore for the first 5-6 km, Ive also been getting 'phantom pains' during the day, my research tells me that this is all normal, and to be expected during a taper, its a sign that my body is repairing the damage inflicted from the long strenuos period of training that ive got behind me.

My Weight at the start of my taper hit 81Kg, which incedentally was the weight id sort of picked as a desired race weight back in February. I doubt that ill be able to hold that during the taper, especially as from what ive read that as the glycogen reservours fill up your body also starts to store the additional water that will be required during the burning of it.

I do have to admit that Ive also given in to the odd craving, and over indulged a few times. last night it was plum crumble, i had seconds...and then thirds. But otherwise i have been eating fairly regularly, I did increase my protein intake a little and have reduced the overall number of carbs im eating on a daily basis. Im also eating lots of fruit and veg to ensure that im covering my nutrient needs, In the final week the plan is to scale that back as I increase the % of calories from carbs. 

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