Friday, 17 June 2011

Reading Roundup

Wouldnt it be nice to be a Swag Ninja like The Maple Grove Barefoot Guy  ... Sure, and i think probably ever one blogging about running has fantasized about getting something for free, heck who doesnt like getting something for free.... but as he points out its not free, actually for guys like him, or Pete Larson its seems to be a pretty full on second job. I am under no illusions that my writting skills (or more acccurately complete lack thereof) will ever lead me to the point where i have to wonder what to do with all 'this stuff'.

Its never easy to deal with the dissapointment of an injury affecting your plans, And Brett the running moron is no exception, He writes about wisely IMHO pulling out of a couple of upcoming races in order to give himself the proper time to heel, I hope that i am able to excercise the same self control the next time im injured, after all, with only a few days of easing back into training i smashed my original goal and set a new PB for the 5k.

An article at Mark Allen Online caught my attention, once again im reading about Aerobic training with a heart rate monitor, this one comes from the realm of triathlons but once again confirms to me that the approach i plan to use in the build up to Münster is the way to go.

Grellan at Solo Run had a fun post about the theory that our hearts only have so many beats in them, It got me thinking about my own resting HR, its now at least 20bpm lower than it used to be prior to starting running... which has got to be good for my long term prospects.

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