Monday, 6 June 2011

Reading Roundup

I was directed to an interesting site via a link on MarathonTalks facebook page...its a map of one guys travels for over half a year... an interesting idea, he uses the meta-data tags to segment the data and highlight it... worth a look. Speaking of Marathon Talk ive been listening to their old pod casts...quite a back catalogue to work through.

I also looked at two new shoes from Saucony... the Fastwitch5 and the Mirage I really like the reduced heel drop offered by these models, but in reality i probably wont be able to afford to get either one until the end of the season when they are reduced, and then they probably wont have them in my size anymore.

Its easy to be distracted by a collection of video's that really, have limited relevance to me other than they also deal with running, and the same occured the other day with a selection of videos at Flotrack. Their Tasty Race and Kick of the Week selections.

I also just found out that the Olympic Marathon Champion Samuel Wanjiru died. Which lead me to this great post at midpack slacker about his influence on the modern marathon. It seems that running didnt bring him the reprieve from personal problems that it does for me and many others.

Next onto a great show review at Runblogger again, this time not a minimal shoe, far from it. To me its allways interesting how some minimalists believe that everyone MUST run minimal or they are crazy.... what about jim-bob who's allways been a heel striker, and probably allways will. Heck im actively trying to transitions to a mid foot strike and i still heel strike like a bugger in races.

Whilst looking for a confirmable source for the famous frank shorter quote 'hills are speed work in disguise' i stumbled over a pdf from the Miramonte High School describing their Distance Training Components which i thought was a rather good concise guide to the various types of runs and what they achieve.

Then it was back onto some speed development reading at Strength Running

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