Thursday, 16 June 2011

New Shoes: Track spikes

Ive been tossing around the idea of getting myself a pair of track spikes for a few months now, but i could never justify the cost considering i havent really done too much on the track in the past. But last weekend i was at an outlet store for runners point looking for a new pair of road trainers when i saw on the wall a selection of track spikes all heavily reduced. there were two variety of sprint spikes, and some allrounders.... and as fate would have it a pair in my size.... so one thing lead to another and im now the proud owner of a pair of track spikes.

My spikes are asics speedstar's they are an allround spike, style wise they are very subdued, nothing racy like the saucony sprint shoes that my son thought were better looking....Id probably agree, but i hardly need sprint shoes.

Its really to early to provide any sort of feed back on them, Inserting the spikes was a piece of cake with the tool provided. Ive only taken them out once so far and that was only for a couple of quick 400m repeats with 400m recoveries in between. My initial impression so far is positive, they are a little narrower in the toe box than any of my road shoes, but no serious pinching cramping, or hotspots showed up on the first outing.

I was listening to the latest episode (75) of MarathonTalk with an interview of Matt Dixon, the guy that helped Ryan Hall to his outstanding recent results, he recomended an interesting Marathon specific workout that will match my situation and my new spikes really well. After a regular run head to the track and do 15,20,25, or even 30 x 400m repeats just under your marathon pace with 30s recoveries between them... This would work in really well with my group runs as they are probably not really providing enough training presure for me anymore.

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