Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Easing Back into Things.

So a while back i injured myself playing silly buggers with the kids. It saw me sit out close to two weeks of training, and i was certain i was going to miss a goal race. But it managed to come right in time to get a little training in and then as if by magic i managed to pull a monster result out of the hat. I think my conservative approach to the recovery is what has helped me achieve what i did and has also helped me avoid any relapse.

Aside from two 5k races I took it pretty easy for the first 3 weeks back running, only doing short runs, mixing up the intensity a little to see how it felt, but not pushing the distance at all. I had a couple of runs where i did feel the heel starting to ache a little but nothing that lingered. The week before last i started training a bit more regularly and ramped up 75km. Last week I increased again and broke the 100km mark for the first time in 6 weeks. This week ill increase the distance again, Im re-introducing my semi regular morning recovery jog, Its been something ive really been missing even if i have been enjoying my mornign sleep ins.

It will probably still take me another 3-4 weeks to work up to my planned full marathon training program, and Ill need to do a step down week soon to make sure Im getting enough rest and recovery.

I have chosen the interim races that ill be using during my training to judge progress and make pace decisions on, two half marathons, both will likely be a little hotter than actual race day, they are both kind of small, but thats ok, if im lucky who knows i may even have a chance of a good age class placing.

I have a couple of Plan B marathons in October that i can fall back on if the weather is not conducive to running a fast time for Munster. Early september can still be very warm, on the day if it looks too hot ill run it as a long trainign run and hope for beter conditions in October.

I got a new pair of race day shoes all ready to break in in preparation for Munster, and have put my Vienna shoes into my regualar rotation and dropped the very first pair of shoes i had out... it was about time, they had close to 1400km on them, and wernt really comfortable anymore.

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