Monday, 12 December 2011

Boston Build Up - Week 2

So ive just finished the second week of my Buildup for Boston. Im still in a rampup phase where im building millage. I was much happier with this week, Last week i was a little depressed at the pace i was running at at my various HR training Zones. Last week i felt like i had to keep reducing the effort to get my HR to the right level. This week there were several runs where i found myself having to push harder to get it up to the right level.

The Weather hasnt been all that conducive to running, lots of wind, which when its behind you is great, but it does make for some tough running going the otherway.

The Standout run for me this week was saturday. It was targeted as 90 mins at HR 140, An Easy Aerobic effort. I recorded 1:31 at Avg Hr 139 and i had an average pace of 4:54/km. However I ran this in my Green Silences, and i think hey were responsible for my legs feeling very tired for Sundays Run.

This week Ryan posted a comparision of the elevation profile from Boston and some of the more famous trail Ultra's on his blog... it kind of brings things back into perspective a little, But i still want to sit down and actually compare what hills i have here to train on here against those on the boston course.

This week i managed a 9h45 of running at training pace with two additional recovery runs and a total distance of 142km. Next week i want to extend the longer runs during the week to add another 1h15 to my training time.


  1. Early days yet Paul, plenty of time for immprovement.

    Boston looks like a piece of cake compared to those ultras - then again it would be at 10 to 12 minute miles - even 8 minute miles for you - but hey, you want 6:50 miles.

  2. I trust that the improvement will also come, after all thats why we train :)

    Those elevation profiles show that the hills at boston arnt that extreme. It doesnt mean that the hills are easy, or that you should discount them, after all as you say, racing a marathon is a different kettle of fish to racing an ultra, and if your running on the limit then even a small hill can tip the scales and make everything come crashing down.