Monday, 11 April 2011

Reading Roundup

The weekly roundup of what ive been reading, and my thoughts on it.

I did a little reading on salt intake, partly because of my response on dailymile to a friends post about salt loss in sweat. his blog lead me to an article at runners world, and there was a brief mention during an episode of marathon talk that i was listening too. I personally put a pinch of salt into my fluids that i take with when i run, and i use a reasonable amount of salt to season my food, especially after a long run.

Its not reading but ive been listening to the back issues of the podcast MarathonTalk. so far Im up to episode 15, the topics have tied in nicely with my current plans for Vienna as these episodes are about a year old and deal with the the lead up to a spring marathon... the podcasts are very good entertaining mix of news, tips, interviews, and some 'just for fun' segments.

Given its taper time for me at the moment ive also been reading a large number of articles on how to taper, what to expect, and what to avoid. Ive also read several individual accounts of peoples own tapering.

Finally Ive been really wanting to try a pair of merrel Trail Gloves, but no retailer round me has them, theyve been favourable reviewed all over the place. Amozon just started stocking them but not in my size.... one day.

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