Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Doing Doubles

Ive just started running Doubles, running twice in one day. In the mornings i haul myself out of bed, throw on my running shoes and head out the door for a gently jog, and follow it up with a very simple and brief core strength workout. In the evenings i do my actual training, where i focus on my current training goals.

This madness was brought on by my reading on the Lydiard Foundations Forum. Arthur Lydiard and the Lydiard Method is associated with building a strong Aerobic base, with Athletes clocking up 100 miles of Training per week during that phase. However he also prescribed supplementary jogging if you wanted to achieve your maximum.

My morning runs are currently around a 7.5km loop alongside a canal and river. I run no faster than what the Macmillian Running Caluculator tells me is a recovery pace, currently thats anything slower than about 5:40/km but I dont really worry about my pace at all as long as its not too fast, and just enjoy getting out in the fresh air before breakfast.

The last couple of weeks i did cut back on my 'real' training, taking an extra rest day, because i didnt want the extra running to push up my weekly millage by too much and cause an overtraining injury. Ive been phasing the morning jogs in slowly, This week is the first where i intend to jog each morning and run a regular evening training regime. Im interested to see how the legs hold up.

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