Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Reading Roundup

Ive been doing a little less reading and a bit morevid watching lately, So this reading roundup is going to be a collection of video documentaries that ive watched recently.

The first the Nova marathon Challenge took a group of couch potatoes and managed to get 12 of 13 to the finish line of the boston marathon. 

The next Spirit of the Marathon is more about what drives us to run them, and tells the story of amaters right through to professionals on the path to the chicago marathon. Its broken up into 10 uploads but if your looking insiration for an upcoming marathon worth the effort to watch.

Given weve just had the latest Western State then the following documentary called A Race for the Soul is appropriate, its an interesting look at what drives people to run ultra's and follows a group of runners on their quest for a Western State Belt Buckle. Its uploaded in 6 parts

And while were on the theme of Ultra's then we may as well look at what is claimed to be the toughest of the lot. The Badwater 135. this 11 part upload of the documentary Running on the Sun follows runners during their races.

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