Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Reading Roundup

I started the week off with the barefoot files at Running and Rambling. Now that the rampup in my marathon training is over id like to include a little more barefoot running into my program. A stamp on the blog lead me to the barefoot runners society, and that in turn to a TV program about running... although its in german. The skeletal images of kids running at the begining was very interesting.

I furthered my investigations of barefooting by reading some of the forum entires at the BRS. Which lead me to a couple of intersting blogs, One was the Maple Grove Barefoot Guy His image on how to spot a meth lab is classic. Another i found my way too is go barefooting that had a few articles that i looked at. Interestingly he also liked to a youtube video id watched just a little earlier.. nicely done, but with 'that guy' involved you wouldnt expect anything else.

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